The Best Boston Coding Bootcamps to Launch Your Technology Career in 2020


Steeped in American history, Boston, known as both The Cradle of Liberty and Beantown, is the most populous city in New England. It is also a valuable hub for commerce, trade, and a ton of startups and well-known software companies. Not only is The City on a Hill surrounded by historic landmarks, but technology has found a cozy home in this New England metropolis. 


But you may want to know, how do you get in on this? Lucky for you, there is no shortage of ways to immerse yourself in technology in Beantown. You don’t need to fork over thousands of dollars to attend universities with vague computer science degrees, instead, you can easily learn coding by attending coding bootcamps in specified technology like web development and UX design.


If you find yourself at a terrible 9 to 5 job and you’re looking for a valuable and lucrative career path that can open multiple doors, checking out a bootcamp may pique your interest. 


If you’re hesitant about starting a journey in coding, bootcamps often offer a flexible learning schedule that doesn’t barge in and completely take over your life. It’s about learning, not unpleasantly drilling information into your brain.


Tech and Coding Bootcamps in Boston


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While San Francisco and Los Angeles have some of the most famous and heavy-hitting tech companies in the world, don’t count out the east coast just yet. You may think the west coast is a haven for software engineers and data science, and you’d be absolutely correct. 


But the east coast has an extremely promising future in technology, data analytics, and other software fields. You could quickly become a product manager, utilize languages and frameworks, and latch yourself onto one of the many tech startups in New England. Startups like Jellyfish, Digital Guardian, and CiBO Technologies have all had a fantastic year, netting millions of dollars. 


These startups are just one of the many options to choose from if you become literate in coding. Boston has well-known tech companies that could use your services, like HealthcareSource, AppNeta, Amwell, Akamai Technologies, and Datawatch.


While there are multiple different types of bootcamps, let’s take a specific look at some noteworthy coding bootcamps where you can boost your tech know-how in no time.




Thinkful has it all. It’s a coding bootcamp based out of New York City but has locations in a ton of major cities. If you are thinking of taking the first steps in coding, Thinkful is probably your best bet. 


Thinkful offers full time, part-time, and self-paced courses in coding that rival colleges and universities. They emphasize their focus on one on one mentorship programs and face to face meetups that occur in whatever city you find yourself in. 


Learning something like Java or SQL at Thinkful could net you an excellent tech job in Boston.


Coding Temple


The winner of multiple awards like Best Bootcamp from Course Report, and Best Online Bootcamp from SwitchUp, Coding Temple offers attendees full time and part-time educations in coding. They even offer corporate training for those who already have jobs in tech, so that valuable learning opportunities never stop. 


They specialize in teaching Python as a programming language, offer a 10-week course in Full-stack web development, and offer a Coding Temple completion Certification at the end. By that time, you will have accumulated multiple pieces of personal work in the forms of different apps that you can add to your portfolio. 


General Assembly


General Assembly is a fantastic coding bootcamp that deals in a multitude of technological fields. While you could just limit yourself to coding, why stop there? General Assembly offers comprehensive courses in things like software development, product management, and digital marketing.


General Assembly also offers students an extremely flexible payment plan and schedule so that your life isn’t turned upside down; giving you time to breathe and learn at their own pace. Since 2016, General Assembly has been churning out successful grads at a quick rate, with over 12,000 bootcamp attendees graduating in 2019 alone. If you want to become a social media guru or learn how to master programming, General Assembly may be the perfect bootcamp for you.


Honorable Mention: Harvard Extension School


Along with being able to say, “I’m a Harvard graduate,” you can actually learn the ropes in coding at Harvard extension school. This is essentially a continuing program at Harvard that allows students and attendees to really specify what they’re going to learn. This extends to coding. 


The downside of the Harvard Extension School is that they still offer university prices. While it’s not impossible for someone dabbling in coding or unsure of their future, some of Harvard’s prices may prove too steep. Of course, there are financial aid options that may help tremendously, but this is more geared towards students who already have a foothold in the school, and may prove to be too steep for someone casually wanting to learn programming languages. 


Final Thoughts on Boston Coding Bootcamps


Don’t think that you need to abandon the east coast to immerse yourself in tech. As you’ve seen there’s a ripe field of budding technology worth harvesting right in the northeast. Whether you are looking to learn languages like SQL, Python, or Ruby on Rails, Boston can be an invaluable tool for those looking for a new path to a new career.


Which aspect of coding in Boston appeals to you most? Let us know in the comments!

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