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Boston is a great place for techies; the city is full of gigs that pay outstanding wages. But to get hold of those wages, it’s crucial to know which positions pay the best. Having a clear idea of the high-paying jobs in Boston helps clarify your career path. If you’re familiar with the top tech salaries in Boston, you can focus your training on a field that appeals to you and start bringing home real money.


Fear not, intrepid techie. Our guide to the best tech jobs in Boston gives you an idea of the job landscape and tips you off on professions that return your investment many times over. We look at jobs working with software and hardware, and you’ll get suggestions on study topics and ways to get your training. Our one-stop-shop for your tech career sets you up for a lifetime of success.


Network Architect


Cables plugged into a router
If you can make the ones and zeros move through the wires, you can make fat stacks.


People don’t usually think about a computer network until it stops working, at which point that network becomes the most pressing aspect of their lives. We rely on networks to keep us connected for work and entertainment, and the wizards who manage them can write their own ticket. If you can design networks and keep those series of tubes operational and open for business, Boston companies are happy to offer you a mighty paycheck. 


Network architects make $115k a year or more. As an architect, you’ll spend your days developing network infrastructure and acting as a support engineer when needed. This work will require a solid foundation in networking. You can get that training through Cisco and Sun, which both offer excellent certification programs that will give you practical support and design experience. 


Java Developer


A person types on a laptop next to a Java textbook
Do you love the Java, and does it love you? Then get ready to get paid.


Software development has been with us for as long as we’ve had computers with removable media, and the industry shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, specialists in specific programming languages such as Java are in high demand and command top pay in Boston companies. If you’re a developer with a yen to stretch your Java wings and fly, you’re in the right place.


Java programmers make great pay and can plan on seeing $110k a year in many companies. You’ll need to know Java inside and out, of course, and if you want to compete for the top gigs, try to learn additional languages to increase your value. You can get training as a Java developer using free online resources, or you can opt to attend a course at one of Boston’s many coding bootcamps.


UI/UX Developer


An app displayed on an iPhone
Fancy up the apps, and get nice wages.


Without apps, your fancy iPhone is nothing more than a rectangular telephone, and the folks who design and evolve those apps to make them easier and more intuitive to operate command top salaries in Boston. User interface / user experience (UI/UX) developers work all over Boston in businesses with a mobile presence. Do you have a creative inclination alongside cutting-edge technical chops? UI/UX might be your cup of digital tea.


UI/UX developers see salaries in excess of $110k a year in Boston and have seemingly unlimited growth opportunities. Plan on building a mixture of hard and soft skills for this job—get comfortable working with wireframing and prototyping tools, and don’t skimp on your communication abilities. Your work in UI/UX requires you to deal with clients and management, so strong interpersonal skills are a must. 


Storage Engineer


Hard drives in a rack
Get paid to design data storage, and keep the business world running. 


In today’s businesses, storage problems arise all the time. Companies live by the data they gather and analyze, and they need to store it in a manner that’s secure but easy to access if needed. If you live in Boston and have storage engineering skills, you can live a comfortable life and may never have to worry about finding your next job. The gig is perfect for mechanically-inclined people.


You’ll do well as a storage engineer—Boston storage specialists make $120k a year or more. Bone up on storage area network (SAN) principles and architecture if you want to compete for the best jobs. Get your networking knowledge up to speed, too, as you’ll use it every day when working with storage. And if you have a background in disaster recovery? You’ll be golden. You can find excellent online resources for studying storage engineering.

And that’s the long and short of it, my friends. Boston is a tech hub and is a great spot to start your high tech career. Knowing which jobs pay the best will help you focus your studies on high-value subjects. Our guide helps you discover the top tech salaries in Boston and sets you up for a lifetime of success.


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