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As one of the most exclusive coding bootcamps in the Boston and Philadelphia areas, Horizons School of Technology has a reputation that precedes itself. The program is open to current college students and recently minted graduates. Throughout the summer, students will participate in coding and educational challenges where they’ll have the opportunity to network and grow their portfolios. Boston Horizons School of Technology aims to help students excel in their chosen field.

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Many consider the Horizons School of Technology to be a highly prestigious program. The school works to get students on track for successful careers in the tech industry. Likewise, the curriculum frequently modified to reflect the latest industry trends. Students in both the high school and college programs will learn a variety of coding concepts, including front end development, backend development, data analysis, mobile app development, cybersecurity, and more.  

As referenced before, there are currently two programs available for students at the Horizons School of Technology. The high school program runs for a total of seven weeks, and the college program runs a total of ten weeks. Students in these fast-paced and intensive programs routinely work ten-hour to twelve-hour days. Each day at the bootcamp is unique, and students follow a wide variety of schedules during their time in the program.  

The program at Horizons School of technology is designed to help prepare students for a job in the tech industry. As such, students regularly participate in portfolio reviews, career advising sessions, and discussions with industry leaders. Thanks to partnership agreements, Horizons School of Technology graduates now work for major tech companies, including Google, Apple, Facebook, Paypal, and Uber.

There are currently two different summer programs for either college or high school students. The college program costs $11,500, while the high school program costs $7,000. Horizons School of Technology offers a fellowship program that covers the cost of tuition and housing for select students. The fellowship program is highly competitive, as only 5% of students ultimately qualify. Horizons School of Technology also offers a special program for college students, which models that of an income share agreement, or ISA. Through an “apprenticeship” plan, students pay nothing for their tuition at the time of enrollment. Upon graduation from college, students pay back the tuition via income-adjusted installments.

Programs Pace

Full-time, Part-time, Self-paced

Programs Available

Full Stack

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Upfront, Financing

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