Top Startups to Watch in Boston


Boston is a tech mecca that raised $920 million last year from 41 startups. And this is not a surprise considering the city is a huge talent pool for startups. Companies in different fields, such as finance, healthcare, and marketing have created innovative products here to revolutionize the tech industry. In this report, you will find the most outstanding tech startups based in Boston.




LendBuzz’s team gathers at an office party
LendBuzz tech platform optimizes the process of selecting the right loan for you.


LendBuzz is a fintech company designed to help U.S. resident students and professionals find the best loan opportunities for their needs. The best thing about LendBuzz is that you do not need a credit history to request your loan. One notion preventing people from requesting a loan is the assumption that the process is going to be difficult, especially to those who do not have a social security number. But, Lenbuzz can help with that situation as well. LendBuzz does not have high rates, which is great for people who do not want to spend a lot of money on interest fees. On the other hand, you will not wait a long period during the approval process as you will get pre-qualified in five minutes.


Now, what is LendBuzz’s technological approach? This a tech startup that works with a sophisticated data analysis platform that enables users to have the lowest rates for their loans. Instead of checking credit history, LendBuzz checks other kinds of data, such as your education, employment, savings, and potential earnings. One of the best things about LendBuzz is that you will be able to build your own credit history for future transactions that do require this report.




Mavrck’s team gathers at its office
Mavrck enables companies to have the easiest approach to influencer marketing.


Mavrck is an influencer marketing company that has worked with leading orgainzations, such as P&G, PepsiCo, and Godiva. Mavrck creates an engaging approach to consumers through a people’s trust method; social media influencers. These people -the influencers- work like referrers, advocates, and loyalists that develop trusted content for their followers, which work as an effective marketing strategy for companies. Mavrck optimizes the process for companies to find the best influencer marketing for their needs. 




coUrbanize’s team gathers for a group photo during a pajama-themed day
Do you not think it would be fun to wear your pajamas at work? coUrbanize has a pajama day for its employees so they can feel free. The practice increases creativity.


coUrbanize is a startup that wants to change the way real estate professionals communicate and manage their projects. One of the most common issues that a real estate company can face while developing a new project is misunderstandings with a community. Any form of miscommunication leads to wasted time and money. coUrbanize created a bridge between communities and the real estate company. This bridge allows broader participation that will result in a controlled and perfectly developed project.




Acquia’s office with its logo against a glass railing
Acquia’s products are designed to drive customer engagement and allow you to tailor tools the way you like.


Acquia is a tech company that creates open-source digital tools for all types of brands. And that practice is exactly what differentiates Acquia from other tech service companies. Acquia’s customers can use the company’s digital tools in an existing environment and customize products whenever they want. Besides, Acquia’s products meet all types of security standards that go from HIPAA to fedRAMP and GDPR. This startup has worked with the most outstanding brands such as Twitter, Mercedes Benz, Stanford University and Warner Music Group.


Marigold Health


Marigold Health’s team gathers for a group photo at its office
Marigold Health uses artificial intelligence to help mental health patients in  vulnerable situations.


Marigold Health is a healthcare company that uses technology to help patients who suffer from substance use and mental illness. One of the main problems that these types of patients face is that they do not feel ready to get treatment, or they can’t afford to pay for it. So Marigold Health shows up as an alternative or a friendly help for them. Marigold Health uses support groups and A.I. to help people with a mental illness or are under substance use treatment.


Now, what does A.I. have to do with all this? Marigold Health has tools that understand the emotional sentiment of a conversation. This way, a behavior management team in Marigold Health can monitor and lead a support chat into a good path for a patient.




Tinyhood’s team gathering for a group photo at the office
Tinyhood offers one-on-one consultation along with high-quality parenting courses in an intuitive platform.


Tinyhood is one of the best online tools for parents. This platform aims to help people with children have an easier path in their parenting story. Most parents face challenges that make them wish to have a manual to help raise their kids. Tinyhood is similar to a parenting manual. Tinyhood’s courses feature experts that will guide you through every step of parenting. This tech startup was founded by two engineer moms, Becky Miller and Susan Blinn, who understand that being a parent can take a lot of your time. That is why Tinyhood’s courses offer flexible scheduling that is adaptable to your daily parenting routine.




Wellist’s team gathers for a group photo at its office
In 2018, Wellist raised a total of $10 million in A-series funding.


Wellist is a tech company shaping the future for the healthcare industry environment. The main aspect that differentiates Wellist from other healthcare digital platforms is the company’s mission to help patients connect with hospitals’ support services in no time. CEO Ashley Reid said: “[Wellist] improves their patient experience by better connecting patients to support outside the hospital”. One of the benefits that Wellist provides to users is that the company provides easy access to resources such as transportation, childcare, and meal delivery.




Openly’s Leadership Team: Matt Wielbut (CTO), Ty Harris (CEO), Steve Chauby (CMO), Chris Bacon (CCO)
Openly aims to improve and optimize the insurance dynamic.


Based in Boston, Openly is a tech-enabled home insurance provider designed to empower rather than replace agents. The company was founded in 2017 by Ty Harris and Matt Wielbut and is backed by Gradient Ventures, Google’s A.I.-focused venture fund, Greenlight Re, PJC, and Techstars Ventures, in addition to other investors and partners.


Openly’s founders have deep roots in Boston and experience across both the insurance and technology industries. Ty Harris, Co-founder and CEO, is an MIT alum and a credentialed actuary who previously served as Chief Product Officer at Boston-based Liberty Mutual. Matt Wielbut, Co-founder and CTO, served as the VP of Technology at Goldman Sachs and ran a successful retail insurance agency. The duo founded Openly in 2017 and participated in the prestigious Techstars Boston accelerator program in 2018.


Openly’s first product is a premium homeowner insurance product designed for customers who value broad, innovative and responsive coverage. With Openly, customers can receive a bindable quote on a highly-valued home with just three questions, markedly faster than the market norm. Openly writes its policies on a comprehensive contract that is unique in the industry. The company also will launch complementary product lines, such as automobile insurance, with a focus on simplifying and modernizing the process for consumers.




BitSight CEO Stephen Harvey
BitSight is currently the most used cyber-security rating service worldwide.


BitSight is a company that provides security rating services to more than 1,000 customers. This tech startup has created the most intuitive platform that works with data-driven software to prevent any kind of cyber-security risk. BitSight works with a sophisticated algorithm that understands security performance in a company’s digital environment. Want to know how they became so popular in terms of cyber-security? BitSight is supported and backed by the National Science Foundation.




CareDash’s team poses for a group photo
CareDash is transforming the healthcare provider review industry to make it more transparent, accessible, empowering, and inclusive for all patients.


Trusting your health in the hands of a top-notch professional is key to improving or maintaining wellness. CareDash is here to help you make better healthcare decisions by using its platform to compare, find, and leave a review on your healthcare provider. We know humans are subjective, but CareDash takes into account several aspects to create the most transparent and objective review experience.




meQuilibrium’s CEO Jan Bruce
By combining behavioral psychology, neuroscience, and analytics, meQuilibrium is able to deliver resilience among all workers.


If a company wants to succeed, it needs to have powerful, confident, and optimistic employees ready to achieve company goals. But sometimes, employees go through stressful moments and are not able to maintain optimal productivity, or have a work-life balance. meQuilibrium is the first digital platform able to create resilience among workers with the help of validated psychology and neuroscience professionals.


The process starts with a simple assessment test to measure stress levels and get to the root of a problem. This evaluation also provides meaningful data about the employee’s stressful profile, strengths, and vulnerabilities. This assessment is done based on nutrition, work-life balance, sleep, and other crucial information. Automatically after finishing the test, a system assigns each user the activities to lower stress levels and improve productivity.




Alyce’s team gathers for a group photo
In 2018, Alyce raised round funding of $5.4 million from three top investors in Boston.


Alyce is an A.I. company changing the way we send gifts to others. When we plan to do so, we want the gift to be the best present ever. However, sometimes we are not as accurate as we would like to be. Alyce is here to create the most personalized and sustainable approach to gifting. With Alyce, you can give the best corporate gifts. And if the receiver does not like your present, they can automatically donate it to charity.




BlueConic’s team gathers for a group photo at the office.
With BlueConic, you can boost company operational efficiency.


BlueConic is the most efficient data-driven marketing platform for businesses. When companies run different activities across their marketing department, getting organized can be difficult, which in turn hinders the creation of business strategies. BlueConic helps companies access an orchestrated platform that allows them to have every marketing related-data in one place. This way, a marketing team can come up with better strategies based on customer data. 


Blueconic can provide integrated data and visual representation of what customers actually like. With BlueConinc’s profiling option, you will be able to segment your users and show them what they want to see. This way you’ll create an engagement strategy that will boost your marketing activities.




ConnectRN’s homepage
ConnectRN’s mission is to provide nurses with a better way to work.


Staffing takes time and effort; most of the time, finding the best candidate for a job position is not easy, especially in healthcare. connectRN is the solution for this. The reason why connectRN has become so popular is that it makes it easy for healthcare providers to find the most suitable candidates for job positions with an automated platform. On the other hand, the company also helps nurses and other medical professionals to find the job they want.




WordStream’s team gathers for a group photo
Business Journalz has recognized WordStream as one of the United States’ fastest growing companies.


WordStream is a SaaS company that brings the power of online advertising to organizations of all sizes. WordStream helps business owners, marketers, and agencies all over the world use paid search and social to turn clicks into paying customers. There are over 30 million small and medium businesses in the U.S.—WordStream is here to help them grow and succeed. The tech startup is committed to building an inclusive environment where all employees can feel safe and supported each day. 


WordStream’s values are: Being great, taking action, being transparent, winning together, being authentic, and thought leadership. Training is essential to employees at all levels, and WordStream works to ensure everyone has access to the tools and resources they need to grow and be successful in their careers. WordStream’s employees are passionate about giving back to our community and volunteer with local organizations that serve their neighbors in need.


BlueWave Solar


BlueWave’s team gathers for a group photo next to a solar panel
Business Journal has recognized BlueWave Solar as one of the Massachusetts fastest-growing companies.


BlueWave Solar is a Certified B Corp on a mission to revolutionize energy with simple, powerful solar solutions. As a pioneering solar developer and leading community solar service provider, BlueWave Solar has built more than 135 MW of solar projects to date and provides community solar access to thousands of customers. BlueWave Solar’s innovative community solar subscriptions make it possible for homeowners, renters, small business owners, and municipalities to be part of the energy revolution. BlueWave Solar’s cutting-edge Switch Platform enables solar asset owners and installers to conveniently manage their customers while giving those same customers an easily accessible online dashboard to sign up, manage their subscriptions, and review their account activity’s team gathers for a group photo next to the company’s logo is currently hiring! Follow this link for more information. is a develops open-source software solutions for other companies. An open-source product makes solutions for companies easy because the software can be modified according to technological needs.’s customers can use innovative cloud technologies for their business needs. can modernize your platform with microservices and service mesh management. The company’s mission is to deliver innovative products to simplify the journey to a cloud-native future with the flexibility and control to digitally transform at the pace of your business without disruption.




Spiro’s team gathers for a group photo
Spiro helps provide you with a bird’s-eye view on your CMR activities.


Spiro is an artificial intelligence company available to help other businesses optimize their customer relationship management processes. Spiro’s platform helps sales teams automatically gather customer data from emails, voice calls, and texts to track and optimize the performance of the company’s CRM approach. With Spiro, companies spend less effort and money into sales management activities since artificial intelligence automatically collects the right info. This way, companies can focus on monitoring performance and create viable strategies based on orchestrated customer data.




Pyxai’s team gathers for a group photo at the company office
In March 2019, Pyxai raised $150K in last round funding.


Pyxai is a soft skill and culture fit analytics tool that helps organizations recruit, retain, and develop new talent. Pyxai helps organizations increase company culture influence, develop people and strengthen business performance through soft skills and culture fit pulse-assessments. This proactive approach empowers businesses to quickly uncover risks and opportunities, which facilitate effective action. Pyxai achieves this through simulations of real-life situations to extract meaningful insights from a company’s culture and how employees execute company mission and vision.


Similar assessments are given to job applicants to find and match talent to company values while reducing unconscious biases and identifying overlooked talent. The Y Combinator-backed company has performed more than 11,000 employees and candidate assessments as of January 2020.




Humanyze’s CEO Ellen Nussbaum


Humanize currently works in the United States, Asia, and Europe.


Humanyze analyzes existing corporate data. The company utilizes its analytics to measure organizational health, employee-engagement, team-productivity, and organizational-adaptability. Results are used by enterprises to answer specific questions related to workplace, human resources and digital transformation.




Some services that Botkeeper offers are accounts receivable tracking and expense reports.


Botkeeper combines artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, with high-quality skilled accountants to deliver a full-suite bookkeeping & pre-accounting solution to Accounting firms, and their business clients. Botkeeper will be hard at work extracting data from receipts, paying bills, sending invoices, and reconciling accounts, ensuring their users have incredible insight into financials with beautiful dashboards and unlimited reporting.




FutureFuel’s homepage
FutureFuel is the best way for students to build financial wellness.


Student debt might be something that people might face even after they graduate. The average student ends up paying interest fees 17 to 20 years after graduation. So once they finally reach their work fields, they have more debts than they had ever imagine. FutureFuel is here as a solution to this problem. FutureFuel is a SaaS company that enables students to crush their student debt by offering repayment refinancing and roll-up.




Hubspot’s homepage
Hubspot provides its clients with the best customer service, sales, and CRM platform for marketing operation needs.


Hubspot was founded in 2006 and has since been the most popular inbound marketing platform. This tech startup has experienced incredible growth since it came up with the most complete suite of tools for marketing teams. Hubspot combines all kinds of crucial data insights for marketing strategies such as website traffic. Hubspot can help your business with marketing automation, sales components, and other marketing services.




Repsly’s homepage
Repsly was selected as the best “Sales Operation” platform in Under the Radar award in 2011.


Repsly is a Saas company here to help retail businesses improve sales performance. Repsly provides data-driven insights that help the CPG teams create better strategies and work accordingly. SVP Richard April said Repsly’s platform is more than a monitoring tool, it is a productivity tool. Repsly streamlines all activities that might affect CMR operations in real-time.




FIGUR8’s homepage
In August 2019, FIGUR8 raised $7.5 million in its last round with investors, including P5 Health Ventures.


FIGUR8 is the first healthcare technology platform that can diagnose and evaluate musculoskeletal health. By working with top-notch software and a group of excellent professionals, FIGUR8 helps trainers and therapists track the performance of the musculoskeletal recovery. This is possible because FIGUR8 can capture three-dimensional skeletal movement to understand conditions.




Privafy’s homepage
This year, Privafy raised $22 Million in its last round.


Most of the traditional digital security services are not efficient as they used to be. Data-in-motion is more common today, and it is also becoming more vulnerable. Privafy is designed to help companies protect data-in-motion everywhere it travels by utilizing DDoS protection, high-level encryption, firewall, and other high-quality tools to ensure data security.




Tamr's team gathering for a group photo at the office

Tamr works with some great companies like Toyota, General Electric and Google Ventures.


Tamr is a data-driven company. It streamlines all types of meaningful data for companies to unify their insights and create better strategies, which will result in better outcomes. Tamr enables companies to deliver break-through analytic insights with the most easy-to-use platform. Why has Tamr become so popular these past years? This is not another automated software system. Tamr combines machine learning with human expertise to deliver the most accurate outcomes.




Hopjump’s team
Hopjump is changing the way people book travel and they have the digital marketing chops to disrupt the whole industry


Hopjump is a leading provider of personalized travel recommendations and targeted travel content to U.S. consumers. Hopjump uses advanced algorithms to identify what travelers want. It provides travel booking partners with a high-performance marketing channel. Hopjump offers its employees great benefits that include commuting, total coverage insurance, generous time off and vacations, food, 401K, and professional growth. Hopjump also has a jumpstart program designed to get new employees up to speed as fast as possible and the company has opened positions in its engineering and analytics department.




Some of Edmit’s employees
Edmit helps students to pay for college with more aid and less debt. 


Edmit is here to help its clients make great financial decisions about college so that they and their families are better off in the long term. Edmit builds tools for people who do not have time to become experts in higher education economics. Nick Ducoff and Sabrina Manville founded Edmit in 2017 and the company has since raised $2.3 million in funding. Edmit core values are ownership, truth-seeker, customer-centric, efficient, and world-class instinct. Edmit’s employees have excellent perks that include unlimited vacation time, 401K plan, healthcare plan with dental and vision, and pre-tax transit.




Salsify’s team at its office
Salsify combines all elements brands need to succeed on the digital shelf. 


Salsify’s mission is to empower brand manufacturers to win on the digital shelf. Salsify does this by organizing its content in one location (product content management) and publishing that content wherever it needs to go (commerce ecosystem). The seven-year-old company has a total funding amount of $97.6 million. Salsify values are: positive thinking, taking action, being empowered, and caring deeply. Salsify’s employees have benefits and perks that include 100 percent of an employee cost for individual health; dental and vision coverage; open vacation policy; a 401K plan; $5,000 referral bonuses; discounts to health clubs and fitness centers, including a free blue bike membership; and maternity and paternity leave.




Fairmarkit’s team at an outing
Fairmarkit is the premier solution for optimizing tail spend, from sourcing through payment.


Fairmarkit is a procurement platform that uses automation to optimize how businesses find vendors and manage nonstrategic spending.  Fairmarkit values are positivity, honesty, accountability, client importance, frugality, and humility.


Fairmarkit employees have excellent benefits and perks such as a generous healthcare plan, unlimited vacation, commuter benefits, 401k with match, and weekly team lunches. 


The tech startup has developed career development tracks for roles at all levels. Fairmarkit has implemented performance management software to manage development overtime and support employees with learning opportunities.




TrinetX’s CEO Gadi Lachman
The cost to bring a new treatment to a market and ensure continuous safety and efficacy is nearly $2.7 billion for up to a decade.


TriNetX is a global health research network that connects the world of drug discovery and development. The company does so by sharing real-world data to make clinical and observational research easier and more efficient.


The company was founded on the idea that incorporating real-world data results in better clinical trial design improves the site selection process to expedite time to market of new therapies, and creates RWE to advance the collective understanding of human health.


TrinetX’s employees have great benefits and perks that include competitive compensation, health, dental and vision coverage, 401k program, unlimited vacation, Sit-to-Stand Desks, fully stocked kitchen, and many others.


Piaggio Fast Forward


Piaggio Fast Forward’s team members
PFF’s product Gita is the first consumer robot programmed with pedestrian etiquette. 


Piaggio Fast Forward’s (PFF) mission is to build technology products that drive the way people move, and the company does this by creating lightweight, intelligent mobility solutions for people and goods. 


The company was founded in 2015 by the Piaggio Group. PFF’s first product is gita®: a mobile-carrier that follows people on the go carrying up to 45 pounds. 


PFF’s employees have prime benefits like 100 percent medical and dental coverage. They also have a wide variety of additional benefits that cover vision, disability, FSA/HSA, pet insurance, lunches, tuition reimbursement, and much more.


Fritz Labs


Employees at Fritz Labs
Fritz AI provides any mobile developer with the ability to build, train, and deploy iOS and Android models quickly.


Fritz labs’ mission is to empower businesses to create edge intelligence. Company values are a sense of urgency because time is the most precious resource; being informed because understanding creates better outcomes; and win together because every victory is a team effort.


Fritz Labs offers a machine learning platform for iOS and Android developers. The three-year-old company has A.I. solutions for video and photography, e-commerce, augmented and virtual reality, and expert ML services. Fritz Labs raised $2 million in its only funding round in 2018.


Bensen AI


CEO David Xiao, COO Adam Sandler, Chief Architect Chris Beland
Ordering with Bensen can be five times faster at less than half the cost.


Bensen A.I. is changing the restaurant industry with intelligence voice order. Bensen’s A.I.-powered software can take orders for its clients on the phone, on voice assistants like Alexa, by text, and more, improving the allocation of labor and recovering sales from missed calls. Bensen’s platform is easy to use with a quick sign-up, customizable menus, integration, service deployment, and launch. Bensen A.I. was founded in 2018.




James Rogers and Zach Gorman, Torii's co-founders.
With Torii, users can search for homes, schedule showings, make an offer, and more, all from its mobile app. 


Torii is a real estate tech startup that helps home buyers find the perfect house, schedule a showing, and make an offer—all using the Torii mobile app. One of Torii’s expert agents has your back every step of the way. Torii provides easy-to-use tools and exceptional customer service, earning only five-star reviews so far. Torii wants you to focus on the things that really matter and get back to living your life the way you want to. 


Torii’s employees have benefits and perks like unlimited vacation time, generous company equity, 401k, remote work arrangements available, paid holidays, company outings, team-based strategic planning, health insurance, and casual dress code.




Privy’s employees at the company office
Small businesses can step up their marketing game with Privy’s platform.


Privy’s mission is to provide the tools, education, and support that small eCommerce brands need to grow their online stores and build thriving businesses. With Privy, other businesses can grow their brand, close more sales, integrated campaigns, build relationships with customers, showcase brands, and capture more emails. 


Privy’s employees’ benefits include unlimited vacation with up to $1,000 in travel expense reimbursement, free food and snacks, one-month sabbatical, medical and dental insurance, team outings and much more. Privy has open positions for its engineering, sales, and marketing departments.




Apptopia’s employees at a team outing.
With Apptopia, businesses can use mobile data to guide marketing, product, sales and investment strategies. 


Apptopia is a B2B SaaS company that provides competitive intelligence services to brands, app developers, SDK sales teams, and investors, both public and private. The most successful companies in the world use Apptopia’s data, insights and platform to inform their mobile strategy. Apptopia provides the most actionable mobile app competitive intelligence in the industry. 


Apptopia’s employees have great perks that include unlimited PTO, a monthly stipend for personal expenses, healthcare, MBTA Prereq program, lunch money, pet-friendly office, and more. 


Iterative Scopes


Iterative Scope’s team members
Iterative Scope brings A.I. solutions to gastrointestinal diseases. 


Iterative Scopes was spun out of MIT in 2017 to empower physicians with data derived tools. 


Since its founding, Iterative Scope has raised $7 million in funding. The team is developing a gastrointestinal A.I. data platform that is focused on applying computer vision analytics to complex endoscopic problems like colorectal cancer detection and tracking and quantification of changes in the bowel. 


Iterative Scope’s mission is to empower doctors with real-time computer-aided detection and diagnostic tools, improve patient outcomes by helping gastroenterologists detect and classify lesions in real-time, and deliver care worldwide by providing doctors across the globe. 




Blueday’s logo.

Blueday’s Store Labor Optimization suite ensures retailers get the most out of their largest expense: in-store labor.


Blueday offers a SaaS-based store labor optimization suite for retailers. Using the power of AI, Blueday crunches mountains of retail data in real-time to identify opportunities, risks, and remediation strategies tailored to each store. The results are better labor budgets, smarter sales goals, optimized schedules, and in-store management practices that get the most out of the store team.




Crayon’s employees during a company outing.
Crayon competitive intelligent platform allows businesses to monitor a competitor’s complete digital footprint.


Crayon is a market and competitive intelligence company that enables businesses to track, analyze, and act on everything happening outside their four walls. 


The company values being product and customer-driven, loving a good challenge, hiring people awesome at what they do, thriving on new ideas and perspectives, collaborating to solve problems, striving to solve problems with technology and using software to fuel growth.


Crayon’s employees have excellent benefits like free snacks and beer, happy hours and events, competitive salary packages, a 401k plan, unlimited vacation, professional development budget, and more.


Armored Things


Armored Things’ logo
Armored Things’ suite of analytics, reporting, and visualization tools helps customers gain a real-time understanding of people and flow in their space.


Armored Things’ crowd intelligence provides a heatmap of people and movement in a venue of your choice in real-time. Using Armored Things’ platform, customers can integrate non traditional data sources with existing application infrastructure, and this helps save money while maximizing existing investments. 


Armored Things was founded in 2017 and has raised $7.8 million in funding. Armored Things offers employees benefits like 100 percent paid insurance, fitness benefits, great location, flexible work hours, competitive compensation, and more. Armored Things is currently looking for front and back end developers, and data engineers.




CloudZero’s employees.
CloudZero’s cloud cost management will benchmark your spending against other customers to help see where you are wasting money. 


CloudZero helps cloud-forward companies build more cost-effective, well-architected applications by bringing the agility and culture of DevOps to cloud cost management.


The CloudZero platform uses machine learning to automate manual cost management work and give engineers the data and context they need to make better decisions, in the spaces they already work.


CloudZero was founded in 2016 and has raised $5.5 million in funding. 


The company offers great benefits to its employees that include comprehensive healthcare coverage, equity grants, flexible remote work policy and PTO, 401k retirement plan, office in downtown Boston, snacks and cold brew, and team game nights.




Genospace’s employees enjoy snacks at the company office.
Genospace’s office has a shower room and coffee corner, and its employees enjoy biweekly happy hours with local craft beers, ping-pong, and other games. 


Genospace’s mission is to be the leading information platform for applied precision medicine. The Genospace team builds software that transforms complex biomedical data into meaningful and actionable insights and provides clinicians and researchers with the information they need to make informed decisions. Genospace’s software engineering, data science, product, UX design, and DevOps teams work collaboratively in its downtown headquarters towards the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes.


Its employees have great benefits like life insurance, 401k plan, mobile phone reimbursement, subsidized BLUEbikes membership, transportation reimbursement, office games, and more.




ProfitWell’s employees.
ProfitWell provides outcome-centered products that reduce churn, optimize pricing, and grow your subscription business end-to-end.


ProfitWell is a 100% bootstrapped company that has never needed investor funding to be highly profitable.

ProfitWell helps executives from over 18,000 subscription companies solve their toughest obstacles to growth such as revenue optimization, reducing churn, and monetization.

Working at ProfitWell means employees have the opportunity to exponentially grow their careers while helping ProfitWell’s team change the way subscription companies do business. ProfitWell’s 80 employees span across its Boston, Salt Lake City, and Rosario, Argentina offices. Team members enjoy benefits that matter: generous parental leave, unparalleled access to leadership, unlimited PTO, and the ability to share real thoughts and ideas without fear of being ostracized.




Somen Saha, founder and CEO at n-Powered.
With n-Powered, students can get secure, personalized information whenever, wherever using their own smart-phones or any voice-enabled devices. 


Somen Saha founded n-Powered in 2018 and the company has raised $1 million in funding since. n-Powered is dedicated to empowering universities to address the challenges along the student journey, from pre-enrollment through alumni. n-Powered’s platform creates life-long engagement with students who are increasingly digitally native and tech-savvy.


The company’s platform features voice and A.I. chatbot, harmonized data, reduces cognitive load, access anywhere and at any time, personal, secure and fun. It also uses A.I. algorithms to learn what questions are most often asked providing valuable insights to the university. The best part is that universities are in control of their data and only expose what is necessary to deliver information to a student.




Starburst team members at the company office.
Starburst’s distribution of Presto consists of additional tooling and configurations to make the engine work well in the enterprise.


Starburst is on a mission to modernize data and analytics by making them easy to access. Starburst does this with Presto, an open-source SQL query engine that enables data consumers to access any data where it lies. 


The company was founded unusually; with customers and revenue from the beginning. Starburst is building a team of all-star engineering, customer success, sales, and marketing pros playing at the top of their game. Starburst’s team members possess authenticity, grit, humility, ownership, and are willing to earn rewards through meritocracy.


Starburst’s employees have great benefits that include unlimited Starburst candies; health, dental, life, and vision insurance; 401k; stock options; Flexible work-from-home policy; unlimited vacation; sick and family leave days.




Mabl’s Team at the company office.
Mabl has resources to help enterprises understand the changing world of software testing.


Mabl’s mission is to make software testing as fast, easy, and reliable as possible to help software teams around the world achieve their goals.


Dan Belcher and Izzy Azeri founded Mabl in 2017 and the company has raised $30 million in funding since.


Businesses can use the Mabl platform to test the holistic quality of their application, from user experience to visual design, to performance. Mabl’s offers a unified DevTestOps platform that makes it easy to create and run automated functional UI tests faster and at scale.


Mabl’s core values are drive, insight, support, and authenticity. Mabl offers its employees excellent perks like 401k, commuter benefits, health benefits, Mabl Kudos to exchange for awesome rewards, and team outings.




Algorand office in Boston.
Alrgorand founder, Silvio Micali, is the recipient of the Turing Award in computer science, the Goedel Prize in theoretical computer science and the RSA prize in cryptography.


Algorand is a fully decentralized, secure, and scalable blockchain which provides a common platform for building products and services for a borderless economy.


Algorand’s tools include Algorand Standard Asset, Atomic Transfers, and Algorand Smart Contracts.


Silvio Micali founded Algorand in 2017 and the company has raised $126 million in funding. The company is committed to the ongoing development of best-in-class solutions for the future of economic exchange. 


Company employees have great benefits that include healthcare plans and premiums, paid time off, and parking/transportation reimbursement up to $300 per month.




Medisafe’s logo

Medisafe focuses attention and time on improving the lives of patients by empowering them in their journeys, and evolving the future of healthcare.


Although considered a ‘Startup’ by some, Medisafe is far from getting started! Medisafe is the leading digital therapeutics company providing digital drug companions for personalized medication management across the patient journey. With more than six million registered users worldwide, over 350K user reviews, with a 4.7/5 satisfaction rating, Medisafe is trusted by patients, pharma and providers alike to provide solutions that greatly improve outcomes. Medisafe’s mission is to empower patients to improve their health through the use of technology. 


Medisafe, is a mission driven company, comprised of a dedicated group of professionals who are disciplined, collaborative and passionate about their work. With offices in Haifa, London and Boston the culture at Medisafe is diverse and inclusive of ideas that fuel a shared vision. It’s a fast paced work environment, that brings with it the high-energy and perks associated with that, but most important is the prospect for success. 




Cohealo’s team gathering at the office

Cohealo is shaping the future of the healthcare industry.


Cohealo is a tech company in the healthcare field that is here to help health systems use their resources more efficiently. Cohealo provides data analytics to show healthcare teams insight into how they’re managing their system. One of the most outstanding aspects of Cohealo is that it reallocates resources so that companies can have a more cost-efficient approach and avoid redundant purchases. According to Cohealo’s website: “A provider might request a laser, while at a sister facility just down the road, that same laser is sitting in a storage closet. The Cohealo platform dynamically reallocates equipment, so hospitals make the best use of assets they already own”.




Allego’s team gathering for a group photo

Allego is one of the most efficient platforms to optimize your sales operations by using a modern sales training program.


Allego is a technological sales learning platform that combines learning, knowledge sharing and practice in a single tool. With the traditional sales learning process people who are trying to learn don’t usually absorb the knowledge easily. Allego provides an intuitive approach to the sales operations team.


UptimeHealth’s leadership team gathering for a group photo
Some of UptimeHealth’s values are: to be simple, be accountable, be bold and fun.

UptimeHealth, headquartered in Boston, MA, is a fast-growing software startup that is empowering providers to make patient’s lives better. We are on a mission to be the trusted source of compliance and technology equipment management for healthcare facilities everywhere. We focus on providing operators with simple to use software to complete compliance tasks, improve access to actionable data to increase operational efficiencies, and tap into the largest network of qualified technicians.

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